Friday, October 11

Lauren Conrad Gets Me

Let's talk fashion for a little bit.

I've been really struggling with the fall fashion this year. As soon as August arrives I usually dash out to the malls and search through racks or online pages and pages of clothes getting excited for wool, tights, and scarves as we make the beautiful transition from fall to winter.

This year was different. I went out to the malls mid August, money in hand and ready to spend. I went through countless stores and racks hunting and searching only to be disappointed in everything I saw. It seemed to be grungy, dirty, crop tops, leather skirts, thin shirts, all with a $$ price tag that was bigger than it should have been.

It's October now so I had mostly given up on finding some new wardrobe pieces and now have focused my attention on puffy jackets and over sized warm sweaters for winter - until late one Monday night. It was by accident that I passed Kohl's and I thought "oh yeah, let's see what kind of Lauren Conrad selection they have!" Best. Idea. Ever. With only a couple other shoppers in the store, I had the entire LC Lauren Conrad collection all to my self! Everything I loved, the colors, the patterns, the size and of course the price!

I walked out of there with arms full of new clothes and a happy wallet in my purse. Here are some pictures of my lovely new LC collection wardrobe!

X x