Tuesday, April 24

having your cake.. and eating it too!

This past weekend was my daddy's birthday, well Sunday was his actual birthday but the whole weekend seemed to be preparation for the big day. Friday was a bunch of running around to get all the supplies and presents, Saturday evening was spent baking the cake and then Sunday morning was decoration time! Just wait until you see this amazing cake. I found the idea from this fabulous blog called Making Life Delicious. My dad absolutely loves m&m's and kit kat's so I knew this would be the perfect {not to mention different} cake to make for him.

The cake was relatively easy to make. I wanted to keep it on the smaller side so instead of the 9inch pans, I used {what i thought was 8} but they were actually more like 7 inches. So with a little modification I made 4 smaller 7inch cakes. {the 4th was an extra in case something went wrong!} I cut the tops off so that it was perfectly flat and then made my own frosting to put on between each layer. Then I frosted all around the edges and kind of made the frosting on the edges pretty thick to make sure the kit kat's stayed in place. Then once the kit kat's were perfectly lined up all the way around, I just put about a bag and a half of m&m's on top. This was definitely an easy and fun cake to make and I hope in the future I will have more celebrations to make this for!

Have any of you made a cake like this before, or something else different? I would love for you to share your stories!

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Brett said...

i will be in the Gym every day for the next month burning this off. but the cake was so worth it. It tasted even better than it looks if possible!!!

E x said...
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