Tuesday, April 17

pink v. blue: the face off

This past weekend I went to a good friend of mine from high school's baby shower / gender reveal! This is actually baby #2 for the happy couple as they have a boy who is about 2 1/2. The shower was so amazing and had so many cute decorations. Since it was a gender reveal the theme was "Pink vs. Blue Face Off" and everyone was to show their "team spirit" and dress in either pink or blue to support their team. When you first arrived, you were to cast your vote and then pick up pink or blue beads to wear. Then there were tons of delicious snacks, depending on what you were craving ;). Then finally the big moment arrived and they ripped the tape off the box to find out what color balloons came out....

What do you think? Boy or Girl.. Scroll to the bottom to find out!


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