Friday, September 27

Donate Life Race

Brett and I were just searching through the inter-webs a few weeks ago when he stumbled upon the Donate Life Run/Walk in Great America. Before we knew it, we had signed up with a team and received sponsors immediately. We were really excited to run this Saturday morning 5K through Great America's theme park. I knew I was going to be out of town all week for work, but my excitement outweighed my hesitation with having a hectic week prior to the event.

Before I knew it, I was flying home on Friday night, realizing what was ahead of me in about 12 hours. We made our way over to the theme park about an hour before the race to check out all the free giveaways and have a quick snack for energy. We also got to meet Snoopy and take a picture with him before the race. Then we gathered everyone together for a quick team photo before the countdown started.. and we were off! It was a great race through the park with lots of people cheering and encouraging you along the way.

The run/walk was put on by the California Transplant Donor Network and all the funds that were raised will go towards helping patients who need organ donations to extend their life. A lot of families who were at the event were walking and running in memory of their loved ones who either received a transplant or donated one. It was so inspiring to see everyone there who's lives were touched because of the donor program.

We ran because we wanted to pay tribute to the cause and the donor who gave up an organ for Brett's father a few years ago.

Below are a few pictures I took from the morning.

I also took some video of the race, watch the video here or visit feel free to visit my YouTube page:

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Editors Note: All photo's and video were taken with a GoPro HERO3 Black Edition.