Thursday, May 30

Sea Otter Classic

There is an annual mountain and road biking race that takes place in Monterey, CA every April. It is a four day event with multiple races and competitions and a festival area with lots of vendors selling and demonstrating their products.

There are multiple races that happen throughout the long weekend that takes place at Laguna Seca, a race course usually used for auto vehicles, and across the mountain trails surrounding the area.

Brett, myself and a couple friends headed down for a full day of spectating and to check out the vendors that are stationed at the festival.

In the morning we found a really great spot to stand along the course and watch the racers compete in the downhill competition. After that was finished, we headed over to the festival to check out all the latest and greatest gear.

There was everything you could think of from socks, to helmets, to bike pieces, protein bars and so much more. We walked out of there with multiple bags completely full of swag and goodies.

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