Tuesday, May 28

a few from memorial day

Despite the rain yesterday, it was a very lovely and relaxing Memorial Day.

We started by going to a cemetery where Brett's great-grand parents were buried and brought flowers and placed an American flag by their graves. It was raining the whole drive up there, but luckily once we arrived the rain stopped.

The cemetery was having it's own little Memorial Day BBQ and we had some coffee, chips and a hot dog before we made our way out. Rain and clouds didn't stop us from heading over to the beach and taking a walk along the water with Brett's dog Mario close behind.

There is a restaurant we stopped at for a late-lunch-early-dinner-snack and sat outside by a fire pit to consume what can only be described as the best lobster roll in the country. (well, it was voted 5th best in the country, but still!)

To walk off our delicious and rich lobster roll, we walked through the main street and looked at the lovely antiques, jewelry, and art shops. As well as bought some bread home from the bakery. We eventually made our way back home and just spent the evening relaxing.

X x