Monday, June 3

law school graduates

Quite a few of Brett & my friends have gone the law-school route. One already down, three currently graduating and taking the Bar exam this summer and a couple more still in school. 3 years of more schooling after the 4 years of under-grad is just too much schooling if you ask me.

Last weekend the boys threw a combined party since they both graduated from the same school together.

The theme was fiesta with music, margaritas, beer and wine to choose from. There was also a taco truck on the side of the house to order tacos, burritos, or tamales.. ole!

The best part was when the two grads tried to break open the piƱata - blind folded, disoriented and with a golf club!

It was the perfect way to celebrate and honor these two with their new Law degree.

Congratulations Jake & Steve!

X x