Monday, February 20

be healthy. be strong.

I have been feeling extremely sluggish and have a lack of motivation since we welcomed 2012. Has anyone else been feeling a little like this lately? I have also been having some internal problems with my health and my body just seems less than pleased with anything I try to give it {might have something do with my recent spike in quick fast food meals} but regardless something needs to be done!

I am usually very skeptical about any detox for purchase or even those infamous lemon, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup concoctions . I usually end up getting my own fruits and veggies and protein powder and make my own creations. When I heard about this one and the great reviews it has been getting I was intrigued. After reading through their entire website and testimonials, I was sold and purchased my very own 3 day kit. I somehow even intrigued Brett enough and he purchased his own 3 day kit as well!

I was particularly interested because it is located and made from Palo Alto CA - which is right here in the bay area. Not only did the package arrive in 2 days but I knew exactly where it was coming from!

Here is the deal, they provide three smoothies a day that you drink for each meal. You can choose either the 3-day or 6-day program. You are also encouraged to eat any raw veggies you can through the day if you are feeling hungry still. The smoothies are gluten free and vegan  with a full serving of real fruit, fiber, 15g soy lean protein, 2 billion probiotic cultures, and daily vitamins in every pouch.

Head over to their website - and give it a try :) Leave a comment below if you have tried this before and let me know what your experience was like or you are interested and want to learn more.

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