Saturday, September 17

Edinurgh's Military Tattoo

During the month of August is one of Scotland's busiest times in terms of tourism because their annual festival takes place. Every night during the festival, there is an event called the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. It has been preformed for 60 years and this year my parents, Brett and I were lucky enough to get tickets and attend this amazing evening at one of the last performances before the festival ended.

This year they changed up the program a little bit and honored all the men of the Navy in which different countries around the world were invited to preform. There were some acts that marched and played an instrument and played a couple different songs. Some acts gave a little performance and incorporated some comedy or audience participation. Either way it was an amazing show and definitely worth the money. If you ever have the chance to make it to Scotland during the festival time it something you must see. To read some more information and see other pictures or videos visit their website.

Here are a couple pictures I took from the show. 

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