Thursday, September 22

edinburgh international festival

Remember in my previous post on the tattoo when I mentioned there was a festival that takes place in Edinburgh? Good! Well the festival is three weeks in August that celebrate the music, theater, dance, and virtual arts from countries all over the world. On the streets are the performers either giving a little sample of their show and then handing out flyers and promoting themselves, or sometimes even locals will come out and try to make a little extra cash with some street performances with all the buzz and tourists around. Here are several pictures that I took just walking through the streets and watching all these little performances.

Please excuse the short post, but I feel like these pictures do much more justice than me trying to explain to you just how crazy it actually is on the streets! Although I must say, I do think it takes away a lot from the beauty of the city. All the beautiful churches and stone buildings are all just covered with people and tents and posters and flyers everywhere. Thank goodness it's only 3 weeks right?

X x