Monday, September 26

little house on the prairie

a view of my aunt and uncle's house

After being in town for a few days, we headed south towards the border between England and Scotland to stay with my Aunt and Uncle. We stayed with them  for a couple nights and took in the beautiful sights, smells, and sounds {baaaaaaah} of the country. One day for lunch we drove into this little town called Moffat. It is a popular destination for locals and tourists. One of my favorite little cafe's is called The Rumblin' Tum, which you can see is the first picture. Then later on in the evening before it got dark we went for a couple walks with my camera and took some truly amazing pictures. It was really nice to get away from the hectic city life but after a couple days we were ready to get back to civilization!

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Anonymous said...

Your aunt and uncle's house is even more beautiful and peaceful than I had imagined it, what a wonderful life! -Deya