Wednesday, September 14

better late than never

Hi friends & readers! So better late than never, right? My thoughts exactly! So yes, I have already been to Scotland and come back...and provided no blog posts for you. I am terribly sorry I hope you can forgive! Since I was only gone for 2 weeks and I was hopping around from place to place, I decided to leave my poor baby laptop at home and take my trusty iPad! This only provided me with one problem.. No way to upload my pictures from my camera to my iPad. Plus the blogger tool is actually a little 'widgey' on the iPad so I decided it would be best to save everything for when I got home and I will relive everything for you, play by play!

So these pictures are just a collection of some of my favorites from the trip. Do not fear I have so many blog posts coming your way, you are not going to know what to do! I hope everyone enjoyed the end of their summer and is in full swing back at work or school. This was my first summer since I have left college so working full time through summer was extremely tough, so I made sure to get in a little vacation to get my mind and body out of the rut! I was hoping to come back and feel more energized and ready to take on the new tasks ahead of me.. but instead I caught a sinus/cold/infection on the plane so I have been trying to get over that while getting back into the office. Not to worry, it is slowly clearing up and I am going to keep resting and gathering photos and writing for you!

X x