Wednesday, June 22

wardrobe update

I have been trying to clean out my closet and get rid of quite a lot of items that I haven't worn in ages, don't fit me properly.. and so on. I have been going through tons of other websites and blogs to get some inspiration before I took to the mall. I just wanted some fresh new clothes to update my wardrobe and pull me out of my "fashion funk" as I think I was having. I am really loving this kind of 80's trend with bright colors and slouchy shirts, as well as making a statement with floral as you can see in a dress, shorts, and top. My new collection consists of 3 pairs of shorts, a dress, 2 cardigans, two white tops, a crop floral tank, 2 crop slouchy t-shirts and 2 stripe tanks. Let me know, love it? or hate it? 

X x