Sunday, June 19

happy father's day, daddy!

Happy Father's Day to my one & only Daddy :]
We were able to go out and have a really nice {but productive} day, we started the day with some breakfast at one of our favorite breakfast spots. It is so conveniently located next to a flower nursery so we walked around and got some new plants to put in our garden. I then wanted to make a stop and pay tribute to a couple dad's who are no longer with us, so I bought some flowers and took them up to the cemetery. Then we finished the evening by putting dad to work and having him BBQ up some dinner and enjoy the rest of this extremely warm and calm day.

I want to dedicate this post to all the fathers,  who are with us and not with us. I know today is a difficult day for a few close families to me, so this is for them.

I hope the rest of you all had a very nice day/evening with your families and friends close to you!


X x