Sunday, June 5

san francisco

It seems like I have been making an awful lot of San Francisco trips lately, I hope your not getting tired of the pictures. I'm trying to switch them up for you so you can experience all the different hot spots of the city. Honestly though, if there is a nice day in the city (and by nice, I mean no fog) it is mandatory to capture it. And with our out-of-town guests visiting, a San Francisco visit is a must. We walked through the city and made sure they were able to take some great pictures of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate. And as you can see the elephant seals were soaking up some sun as well. We also decided to walk down Lombard Street instead of drive and although it was fun to walk down.. my legs have been sore for daaaays, I tell you. Days! We also rewarded ourselves with a Ghiradelli treat. Those things do not come in small quantities nor the price, but it's all about the experience.. right?                

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