Friday, June 24

french fries, beer and baseball

Being a part of a sorority was such a life changing and wonderful experience that I knew I wanted to continue to embrace this sisterhood after my college days. I found an alumni chapter right here in my hometown, called the Silicon Valley Phi's. They try to get together once a month and put on or host some events so the ladies  can get together and spend time and enjoy eachother's company. With my boyfriends mom's also a fellow phi and member of this alumni group we decided to take advantage of this upcoming event and supported our local minor league baseball team, The San Jose Giants! Going to the games are so much fun, you can usually score some free tickets or pay a small price for a seat. They have big bbq's going, bars set up and some amusement type games for the kids. It was the perfect evening as the sun set during the game. Also when the game was over they had an amazing 15 minute firework show! All in all, I'd say it turned out to be a great night out.

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