Thursday, January 13

Easy As 1, 2 Detox..

To kick off this new year in style I decided to start a detox for my body because December was filled with seeing friends, going out to bars, eating at fast food restaurants, and of course lots of chocolate and other sugar filled treats. Also I was also not only eating bad, but late at night. This decided to wreck havoc on my body and I found myself going through a bottle of tums in a way too short amount of time.
Detox's can be very tricky to follow and I have tried some before. This time I wanted to custom make my own to ensure that I would stick to it. I did some research on the web and found a couple of detox ideas that I liked, so I combined them then tweaked it to fit my lifestyle.
First of all, set some ground rules for yourself...
For example, I am completely addicted to diet coke, and sugar free redbull. So I this had to go. As well as no drinking alcohol because I felt my body needed a break from it.
Second, decide how long you want to do your detox for. If you want something short and fast then you can make sure to intensify it. I on the other hand feel I need a bit of time in order to clear out my system. I have decided to do this for 10 days. (yikes! i know)
Next you need to decide what kind of juice you want to do. If you are looking for the short, fast, intense detox there is a lemonade diet you can go on. I have tried it, and I must say it's pretty hard to stomach. It involves making your own lemonade with water, pure lemon juice, cayenne pepper and some maple syrup or honey. You drink as many of those as you can for about 3 days. If this is the route you choose, well then good luck to you.
I have decide to do this detox which is "juice 'til dinner" but instead of ordering the $100+ set of juice I am making my own "green smoothies." I am having one for breakfast, one for lunch, then a small snack at 4 o'clock and then a small very heathy dinner. I am also trying to drink as much water as possible in between in order to flush out whatever toxins are in my body.
Also, make sure to drink as much water as you possibly can in order to keep flushing everything out of your system, I keep an aluminum water bottle at my side always.
Here is a recipe for a green juice that I found online. If you would like me to post a sample meal or any appropriate snack, just leave a comment and I would be happy to share :]
Green Juice
Handful (3 oz) spinach
3 medium stalks (3 oz) kale
2 golden delicious apples, cored and quartered
Small handful (1/2 oz) parsley, long stems removed
1 lemon, cut and peeled
1 cucumber, cut into pieces small enough to fit through a juicer

When looking for ingredients to use in your smoothie it is important to pick the dark leafy greens, such as spinach and kale. Then use fruits with flavor and texture to make it more delicious. Some of my favorites are: pineapple, pears, mango, mixed berries or apples.
I hope this proves to be a little helpful for you to kick start any new years resolutions. The key I think to any detox is to make sure you custom tailor it to your lifestyle and what you like otherwise it is going to feel like torture and you probably won't be able to stick to it!

Happy New Year!

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