Sunday, January 16

clam chowder scavenger hunt

When there is nothing but blue sky and a bright sun beaming down on your face in the middle of January, you know this must be taken advantage of. Quickly I decided it was a beach day. I grabbed my towel and my new camera {sadly, mine decided to die on new years' eve :[ r.i.p} and jumped in the car and headed down to Carmel. It was the perfect day for the beach, no traces of fog and no wind just a little breeze to keep you on your toes. We stayed to watch a beautiful sunset, then headed over to Fisherman's Wharf over in Monterey with only one thing on our mind.... clam chowder!!!!

There are tons of little shops and restaurants along the pier and for lucky for us because each restaurant competes with one another and claim to have "the best clam chowder." They all set up stations outside their restaurant and offer you a small sample of their delicious-ness and possibly a coupon for an appetizer.  We walked along the pier trying all the samples, discussing and dissecting every little detail of this delicious soup. We finally found the perfect one we all agreed on. It was the most amazing little restaurant I have ever seen, in addition to a water front view, eating dinner by candle-light, they even give every girl/woman a rose at the end of the meal. Heaven? I think so. Be sure to encourage your boyfriend/husband to take you there!

contender #1
contender #2
contender #3
contender #4
contender #5
the winner!
look at the amazing food they had displayed out! definitely the winner

Please excuse the time stamp on these pictures, I am still figuring out the features of my new camera and also set the date wrong. {whoops!} Anyways, it was the perfect day and it was finished off so nicely with a clam chowder hunt.

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