Thursday, January 20

couture skiing

What's not to love about a California winter? You can head to the beach one day and then head to the snow the next. After my adventure to the beach I unpacked, repacked and then headed to the snow! We left in the morning and made it just in time to catch the half-day pass. We had a great day on the mountain and got ourselves back into the swing of it. The best part about my ski outfit, is my Juicy Couture goggles which I oh so luckily received for Christmas. I was so excited to wear them. DEFS, the highlight of my trip! Anyways, then we drove for about thirty minutes and got to the California/Nevada state line and checked into our hotel. We had some dinner at this amazing pizza place and then headed over to the casino for a little gamble. I was playing on the slot machine for awhile {getting the free drinks :) hehe} and then we decided to play a little roulette and on my last turn, I won! So I took my chips and ran straight to cash out :) Then we decided to head back to the room, have some hot chocolate and call it a night. In the morning we checked out and then hit the slopes to get a full day in! At this resort you had to take a gondola up to the mountain to get to all the lifts. Then when we were all beat and tired and the lifts closed, we headed back down and drove home. It was a wonderful little ski trip and my muscles are still so sore. Here are some photos I took, enjoy! :)

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