Wednesday, July 10

start your engines!

The other weekend, NASCAR came to Sonoma Raceway. Brett and myself along with a few friends made the journey up to Sonoma for a weekend of fast cars and loud engines.

Brett and I drove up to Sonoma early on Saturday morning as I was working for most of the afternoon. The race track on Saturday was used for qualifying racers and then there were some other fun races that went on throughout the day. It was really fun to be there before the final races began to get a feeling of the area and get ready for the next day.

Sunday was the big day! In the morning we had Pit Passes and were able to get down there from 8am - 10am and check out the cars and crews getting ready for the big day. After we did our walk through, we made our way to the seats just as the opening ceremonies began. The Patriots Jet Team did a performance and entertained us all in the skies before the race started. Some of the drivers came around the track to wave to the crowd in trucks to get things started. Before you knew it, the race was underway and you could barley hear yourself think! We really enjoyed the atmosphere and the excitement going on as we walked around the raceway checking out all the different views. There were a couple minors bumps and spin-outs but nothing too major for the drivers.
After the race had finished, the announcers invited anyone who wanted to come and walk on the track in search of these "hidden lug-nuts" I put that in quotes because we did not see a single one, nor did we really hear of anyone finding one. I think it was just an excuse to separate the crowd so everyone was not trying to drive out of the raceway at the same time.
Considering that was my first time ever going to any sort of racing event and knowing nothing about the sport,  I had a really great time taking in the atmosphere and excitement with the crowds.

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