Thursday, June 20

San Mateo County Fair

Last Saturday Brett & I were driving back from my company's kickball game unsure of how the rest of the afternoon and evening was going to go. We started throwing random ideas out with no sort of response or excitement. It was one of those moments from the Jungle Book, you know with the vultures, "Okay, so what we gonna do?" "I don't know, what you wanna do?" "aw, now don't start that again!"

Then I saw a billboard for the county fair and shouted "LET'S GO TO THE FAIR!" Brett started scrambling on his phone to find out how much it was and where we needed to go. And just like that we had plans.

I don't think I've ever been to an actual county fair before. Farmer's markets, street festivals, theme parks, sure.. but county fair.. no sir.

There was everything from food trucks, to carnival rides, beer tents, petting zoo, even a sloth! It was overwhelming the amount of activities to see and do. There was even a stage with performers and a hypnotist that came out towards the end of the night. 

There was a GORMET GRILLED CHEESE TRUCK, which I quickly made eyes with and high tailed it over to. You will never guess what I had... Go on, GUESS! Did you say a texas toast grilled cheese sandwich WITH macaroni and cheese inside? Because if you did, you'd be right! That's exactly what I had. And. It. Was. Epic!
Even though all the games are totally fixed and a waste of money, I wanted to play some anyway and feel like I was a little kid. The one that Brett & I did the best at was throwing darts and popping the balloons. You needed to pop 6 balloons to get a big stuffed animal and I had my eye on a certain penguin. With little effort we popped all 6 and the penguin was mine!

Of course, we had to try deep fried Twinkies, Oreo's and Reese's. One word: overrated. I don't even like Twinkies to begin with, so I went into this with zero expectations. I don't really get the fascination we seem to have with deep frying things. The only time it's acceptable is with fish & chips, or vegetable tempura in a Japanese restaurant, that's all folks, okay!?

At least I can say I tried it... and that I never need to have it again.

X x