Tuesday, August 21

preview / reflections of the greek islands

We made it safely back from our vacation and as happy as I am to have real water pressure and be in a real city again, part of me is ready to hop back on a plane and do it all again! This whole unpacking and organizing and commuting and working this just isn't the bee's knee's.
Anyway, onto happier times. To get to/from Greece we had to fly through London and since we were leaving on July 29th, {2 days after opening ceremonies} we decided to pick a flight with a long overlay so that we could go & explore London and the Olympics. We arrived in London about 1pm on the Monday and went straight on the underground into town. We weren't really sure where to start so we just got on and then decided we would figure it out as we go. Here is the great thing about London, they were so informational and helpful about the Olympics, a fantastic host. They have underground maps obviously on the trains, but they changed them up and put writing on the stops where the Olympic events were held. So we went straight for the village to see what that was all about. It was so busy and hectic and unfortunately we couldn't actually get into the village since we didn't have tickets for anything but we still were able to stand around and take some pictures. Then we found "beer gardens" that were set up with a big screen and some beer/snacks around so we sat in a couple different areas and watched some events.
The only thing I really wanted to do and I told Brett this since I saw it, was go see the London Bridge with the Olympic Rings. Unfortunately when we got there, {just my luck} the rings had been up all day & no one knew why. We stayed around there all night and they never came down. I was so disappointing. We did walk across the bridge and I got a shot of them against the bridge. Not the same, whatever.  I did get a fabulous shot of the bridge at night, lit up with all the different colors. Then about midnight when the last train was going back to the airport we got on that and just stayed in the airport until 5.30am when everything opened up and got on our plane that departed for Athens.

The Greek Islands were pretty incredible. I lot different than Brett & I had imagined, but at the same time was exactly what I was picturing. Each island was completely different. It had its own personality and different people and way of going about things. We went to a total of 4 different islands, staying 3 or 4 nights, except Santorini which was only 1. As soon as we got used to the island we were on it was time to leave and then explore / figure out / conquer the next. We did an amazing job and I am so happy with our selections, I wouldn't have changed much. Maybe just a couple little tweaks, but nothing big.
I have decided to split up the posts by island since each island was so different. So without further ado; these are a few of my favorite pictures as well as a little preview of what's to come while I sort through 400+ photos and get them ready to share with you.

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