Sunday, July 29

greek islands... here we come

Later today Brett & I are going to embark on our vacation to the Greek Islands! I can't even believe the time is finally here. We have been talking about this for months that I never thought it was actually going to happen. So to kickoff our vacation, since we have to fly through London anyway, we decided to pick a flight with a pretty long layover so that we could get into London to soak up some of the atmosphere of the Olympics. Of course we don't have tickets for anything, but we figure we can just get there and see what happens and then we head back to the airport and catch our flight to Athens. Then from there we will be taking ferries to four different islands - Paros, Mykonos, Santorini, and ending in Crete. It is going to just be so amazing and incredible. I am really, really looking forward to getting away from the daily grind and just be seaside for two weeks!

I downloaded a blogger app for my ipad & will try my hardest to update as I can for you but I am not sure what type of internet connection I will have. I will probably just instagram a few pictures as I can because it is the easiest way to upload quickly, so make sure you are either following me on instagram or twitter; username for both is @suzeebabe so you have no excuse not to follow! :]

Anyway! I have lots of packing and running around to finish, but I will leave you with a quick look into what my life looks like right now, I hope the rest of you all have an amazing couple of weeks.

X x


Anonymous said...

What an amazing opportunity, have a wonderful trip!