Tuesday, March 27


Today is Brett's birthday. It's also a Tuesday, which means he is at work and I am at work. Double :[ :[

Brett isn't really that into birthdays though. All month I have been asking what he wants to do for his birthday and a few 'maybe we could do this..' or 'how about we...' but nothing more came from that. I, on the other hand like a little party, a little attention and lots of fun. Maybe it's me trying to be 10 again having an awesome pool party over summer {my birthday is July... in case you forgot ;) }

However we did score some amazing tickets for the Warriors vs. Lakers basketball game tonight, so we are all trucking up to Oakland after work {probably in the rain, uhg} and watching the game. {There will definitely a post on that later!} Then maybe some cake and some cards and presents if he's lucky {he is!} and it will be a wonderful evening.

So happy birthday my quarter life century boyfriend. You're everything I always wanted. Happy Birthday

X x