Friday, January 13

my little cookie jar turns one!

Hello readers! Today is a very special day, because today My Little Cookie Jar turns one! My how time flies and how many things have changed since I sat here 365 days ago not knowing where to start. When I started this blog I was a recent college graduate with not much work experience looking to land that first solid job. This blog has become an outlet for my creativity as well as my own little "diary" where I can share with you my activities and adventures I have embarked on as I am flying through my 20's trying to conquer this funny little place we call earth.

I have picked my top 3 posts from this past year as my favorites ones I did - what were your fav's?
My First Snow Day
Gilroy Garlic Festival
Mario's Great Adventure

I would also like to take this time to say thank you to all you lovely readers who find me through twitter, facebook, bloglovin or simply check back lookingfor an update. My Little Cookie Jar wouldn't be what it is today without my lovely audience. Today is a day for reflection and response, as I look back at my previous posts and wonder where this blog is headed for 2012. I would like to ask you my fabulous readers what your 1) likes and dislikes are, 2) what you want to see more or less of or 3) any other general ideas or directions you would like to see this blog take!

Please leave comments below I would really love to get your input and build a connection with you.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on a year of good blogging!!!