Thursday, August 4

gilroy garlic festival

This past Friday, Saturday & Sunday the city of Gilroy held it's 33rd Annual Garlic Festival. I have actually never been before and neither has my boyfriend. It was kind of a spur of the moment decision to go, so Saturday around 2.00 we decided to head down. After sitting in traffic for what seemed like forever, we finally arrived! There was so much going on we didn't know where to start. There were food tents set up all around the huge park, some food more normal than others. Example; garlic fries = yumm, garlic ice cream = icckk! We also tried garlic egg rolls, garlic noodles, garlic chickn kabob, garlic bread twists and garlic calamari. The egg rolls and noodles I have to say were surprisingly delicious! I'm getting hungry just thinking about them.

There also were local vendors set up displaying their art, jewelry, clothing, accessories and other fun things. Even Scope had a booth set up with free samples and sinks for you to use to get rid of your garlic breath!  They also had stages set up with cook-off's and demonstrations, as well as live music playing. It turned out to be a really fun afternoon and I am glad we went. Definately a must for someone who hasn't been or even someone who hasn't been in a long time. I am already looking forward to next year, hope to see you there!!

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David said...

I totally wish that I'd gotten to go, myself. I had my dad bring me garlic bread from there :-P

Please don't tell me you and Brett actually kissed each other after the garlic ice-cream.

susie said...

Haha he got to eat all the garlic ice cream. I had a lick to say I had and that was all for me. We def. stopped by the Scope booth before we had a smoochy :] Thanks for your concern though, good lookin' out!