Monday, December 19

holiday gift wrapping

It seems that wrapping presents can be a huge roadblock for people, especially during the holidays. For me - I just love to wrap and decorate presents. I love buying new wrapping paper every year and trying to find new little embellishments to add to the gifts. This year I found these amazing handwritten Christmas gift labels{found here}, so I printed them on a thick card stock like paper and cut them out. Then I bought some yarn, put a little hole through the label and tied it together onto the present! I just love little details like this to make gifts more personalized.

I have a little routine also when I do these. I try to wrap them all at once since it can be a hassle to bring all the supplies out multiple times, I really try to make sure I get everything done in one go. This year it took me a few hours but I did have quite a lot of presents to wrap. I just love to have the fire and some Christmas music on and get to work.

I would love to see or hear about how to wrap and decorate your presents! Leave a comment below and let me see them presents :)

X x