Tuesday, November 1

carving pumpkins

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend. {plus 1!} This year I decided I wanted to carve lots of pumpkins, so on Sunday evening we cleared the decks, put on some Halloween music and got to work. I think my 'scaredy-cat' is my favorite, what do you think? Brett's owl also turned out so amazing! One of my pumpkins however seemed to have eaten a little too much candy.. scroll to the bottom and you will see what I mean. :]

Monday night was so much fun seeing all the little kids come to the door to trick or treat. We had over 100 people this year and almost ran out of candy. I think my favorite was two little girls from my neighborhood went as a squirrel and an acorn, so cute! What were some outrageous or original costumes you saw this year?

X x