Friday, July 22

where {not} to stay in san fran

During the week of Semicon especially, all hotels in San Francisco are basically booked, as well as the hotels hike up the price per night. I found this hotel that was close to Moscone and had the cheapest price. After all, I was only going to be there to shower and sleep right?

The Hotel Bijou is "Inspired by nostalgic, movie palace stylings, the Hotel Bijou celebrates San Francisco's rich cinematic history." The entire hotel is decorated with movie "theater-like" decorations. They even have a small little movie theater where they show two movies every night. Cute idea, yes but did they have proper accommodation? Nope. After setting up the booth all Monday morning I took a shower before heading out to the British Consulate {previous post} I took a shower. Nothing special but it did the job. Tuesday morning came and I tried to shower... no hot water. Called down to the front and they said something had happened and they were calling someone in to fix it. Fine, no problem quick cold shower it is. Come Tuesday night, I took a hot shower {assumed problem had been fixed} Wednesday & Thursday morning... cold, cold, cold showers! I complained everytime I saw someone in the office. They said to me that it "just happens" and that the hot water can run out in the morning. Ridiculous. Then come check out time, they only offered about a 15% discount on the room. It was just so frustrating that they knew about this issue and couldn't get it fixed. We stay in hotels for two reasons; the bed and the shower? Where do you expect me to go shower when I am staying up here for 4 days. One thing is for sure, I will not be coming back to this hotel.

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