Monday, July 11

trade show!

Hi Friends! This week I will be in San Francisco attending SEMICON West's annual trade show for my work. This is my first trade show event and I am so excited to not only be an exhibitor, but to also be able to take some pictures and blog about it for all you lovelies!

This morning I met the set up team and we unpacked our four huge crates of material and put most of it together. Luckily, I am staying in a hotel here as I also will be attending some functions at night so I can save myself time and money by not having to drive back and forth all the time.

Tomorrow is the first day the show floor opens. I will be tweeting {so make sure to follow me} updates as often as I can and I will upload my pictures and blog probably when I get home since I only have my iPad with me :)

Have a fabulous week everyone and make sure to check back for updates about the show!

X x


Renea Luong said...

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