Wednesday, July 6

the fourth

We decided to head down to this local park where they {apparently} set off fireworks every year. I wouldn't know since the past 5 years.. I have either been out of the country, living in LA, or working. Anyway, I was very excited this year to have the whole day off and to be able to do what I please! We were feeling lazy, so we grabbed some chinese food to go and took it to the park. There must have been easily a thousand people there but it was a really great atmosphere.

I then tried my luck for the second time in the past couple weeks at taking pictures of fireworks. I swear it is one of the hardest things to do. Don't believe me? You try and then come back and show me whatcha got! These two I think are my best. I love when it gets towards the ends and all the smoke is in the air and then a big bright colored one pops up and makes the sky all red. :]

X x