Tuesday, March 22

two oh, two one

day twenty - a photo of something you ate today
day twenty one - a photo of someone who inspires you

Yesterday was a little stressful and busy for me, so didn't have time to indulge in something delicious to take a photo of, does chewing count?
{image from google, sorry didn't have time to take my own for you!}

Before you roll your eyes and go {awwwwwah} this person right here is definitely someone I aspire to be like. He is the most self-less, honest, compassionate {etc. etc. you get the point} I have ever met. With everything he has been through this far in his life he deserves three, or more, gold medals. And he does it all everyday with a huge smile on his face. Without him in my life I don't know how I would have gotten to where I am today.

 X x