Sunday, March 20

so many days, so little time

Day fifteen - a photo of you and a family member
Day sixteen - a photo from your childhood
Day seventeen - a photo from a trip you'll never forget
Day eighteen - a photo from your town
Day nineteen -  a photo when you were little

Hi loves!! I am so sorry for neglecting to give you all these photos everyday but things have been a little hectic this past week for me. I had a really amazing time down in LA seeing my old girl friends from college. Even though I was only down there for about 48 hours it felt really good to slip away from reality and enter fantasy dream world. Once I came back of course, I had to dive back into the work and errands scene.  This weekend has been a little more relaxing since the weather has been so miserable it made it difficult to get out. I hope you enjoy these pictures as we slowly wind down the month of march.
Let me know what you lovelies have been up to.

The photo's I have chosen for you are as follows....  {p.s sorry they are out of order, I was having issues moving them around}
This is the view of Italy as I flew in over the plane. I have had so many incredible trips but I know I will never forget the summer of 2010 as I traveled through Europe by myself. If you want to see what kind of trouble I got into, read about it on my travel blog I created :]
The next is a picture of these really pretty trees in between our library and a private catholic school and church.
Then we have a picture of me and my uncle robert, probably the most scottish person that exists.
And last, you get a double feature of adorable baby photos of me. 

my town
a view of italy from the plane
my uncle robert
my childhood, at christmas time
a photo from when I was little

X x