Wednesday, February 9

Music Wednesday?

Ok boys & girls. I seem to be having a few issues with my new camera... The pictures look ok though, right? Well... I'm not to sure. There is something funky about the all "auto" setting that makes the pictures come out blurry, or super dark. So for a few days, I probably will not be posting pictures and maybe some more word entries. Hope that's ok with y'all. If anyone has a Canon sd1400 IS and know's anything about this please feel free to comment. Also feel free to comment on any other posts, I would love to hear from you :]

I will leave you with what I am currently listening to..

The Temper Trapt - Conditions. Specifically the song "sweet disposition" as soon as I heard it in the Diet Coke commercial {my other love} I immediately looked it up and got the album. Their other song, "love lost" is rather good too... It was in the movie no strings attached, which was a lovely movie... so if your bored go get this album & watch that movie :]

X x