Wednesday, February 23

I'm breaking the habit.. tonight

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately, I swear-sies to get better at posting more frequently. There hasn't been anything too exciting to blog about. Not to mention it has been raining, practically non stop since last Monday. OH em gee, and by the way there is potential for snow to fall in San Francisco, as well as Santa Cruz. Seriously? It better not snow on me Friday night as I am going to see Whitney Cumming's stand up comedy in the city. SO excited, be sure to check back for that blog :]

Anyhoo... Last night, totally random and super spur of the moment {wow, valley girl, much? sorry} I went to see Linkin Park perform in HP. It's kind of a long story, but there were some spare tickets that I was trying to help someone sell.. and then when the time got closer, like 5 o'clock it was decided that we were going. One minute I'm in the gym and the next I am rushing out the door to go pick up the tickets and then get dressed. Much chaos and rushing {which if you knew me, I don't do weel} and suddenly I'm in the car listening to Linkin Park. It was such an amazing show and they had a ton of energy! Here are some pics, I took a bunch but my camera is still really iffy with taking pictures indoors without a flash. If you have suggestions or comments about that, please leave me one. My camera is a canon SD1400 IS. Thanks!


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