Tuesday, October 22

We Run SF

This year I participated in the The 10th Annual Nike Women's Marathon - SF on October 20th, 2013. It was my first ever half marathon and I was really excited that it was going to be in SF and with Nike.
Up until this point I have only done two 5K races; The Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning last year and the Donate Life Race, which you may remember from here.

Saturday morning, Brett & I drove up to the city early to check out the Expo that was happening in Union Square. It started Thursday, but with 30,000+  people coming into the city for this race we knew it was going to be busy. The earlier we could get started, the better.
On the way up there, we made a quick stop to start the "carb-o load" :)

The Expo that Nike put on was amazing. The main sponsors of the event were there handing out some free goodies, offering free shuttle transportation through the town as well as an area to create signs that people can hold up on the sideline's to support the runners. Brett made me a couple of amazing signs!

Sunday morning came and at 5AM sharp my phone started playing loud music that I was not ready for. I looked outside and it was pitch black. I grumbled and eventually rolled out of bed. Soon, my sleepiness turned into nerves as I could hear the thousands of women outside my hotel and the announcer's voice booming through the streets. I got dressed quickly and froze. It all became so real when I put on my shirt and looked down to see my bib number.  This. Is. Really. Happening. We made our way into the streets in the pitch black, freezing cold with thousands of women.

Before I knew it, fireworks were being shot out of the starting line and my feet started to go. It took until about mile 3 when the sky lightened and the sun rose. Not that you could see the sun or the sky  as the city was covered in a thick blanket of fog all morning.
13.1 miles came and went faster than the blink of an eye. (seriously!) I rounded that corner and saw the finish line in sight. As soon as my feet hit the red carpet, I couldn't believe it was over. I anxiously went over to receive my little blue box as two handsome firemen congratulated me and posed for a picture. It was over, just like that.

Despite the typical cold San Francisco weather, I had a really great race and beat my expected time which I am really excited about. Maybe this is the start of a beautiful new hobby.

 X x

Wednesday, October 16

pumpkin, my pumpkin

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year for many, many reasons. Now granted I live on the west coast in fabulous California so I know we don't get the full effect of fall like you east cost-ers BUT STILL - I love it anyway.

There is something so special about feeling the warmth of the sun on your back, while at the same time feeling the cool crisp air running through your cable knit sweater. Waiting almost 9 months to begin eating everything possible pumpkin again. Watching scary movies, cuddled up in a blanket peeking through the holes with some hot chocolate by your side.

Once October hits I officially go into "holiday mode" because the fall transition to Halloween leads to Thanksgiving and then Christmas & then comes the new year. I just love all the warm fuzzy feelings,  going out to get decorations and gifts, plus the get togethers with friends and family - it's all so magical.

X x

Friday, October 11

Lauren Conrad Gets Me

Let's talk fashion for a little bit.

I've been really struggling with the fall fashion this year. As soon as August arrives I usually dash out to the malls and search through racks or online pages and pages of clothes getting excited for wool, tights, and scarves as we make the beautiful transition from fall to winter.

This year was different. I went out to the malls mid August, money in hand and ready to spend. I went through countless stores and racks hunting and searching only to be disappointed in everything I saw. It seemed to be grungy, dirty, crop tops, leather skirts, thin shirts, all with a $$ price tag that was bigger than it should have been.

It's October now so I had mostly given up on finding some new wardrobe pieces and now have focused my attention on puffy jackets and over sized warm sweaters for winter - until late one Monday night. It was by accident that I passed Kohl's and I thought "oh yeah, let's see what kind of Lauren Conrad selection they have!" Best. Idea. Ever. With only a couple other shoppers in the store, I had the entire LC Lauren Conrad collection all to my self! Everything I loved, the colors, the patterns, the size and of course the price!

I walked out of there with arms full of new clothes and a happy wallet in my purse. Here are some pictures of my lovely new LC collection wardrobe!

X x

Friday, September 27

Donate Life Race

Brett and I were just searching through the inter-webs a few weeks ago when he stumbled upon the Donate Life Run/Walk in Great America. Before we knew it, we had signed up with a team and received sponsors immediately. We were really excited to run this Saturday morning 5K through Great America's theme park. I knew I was going to be out of town all week for work, but my excitement outweighed my hesitation with having a hectic week prior to the event.

Before I knew it, I was flying home on Friday night, realizing what was ahead of me in about 12 hours. We made our way over to the theme park about an hour before the race to check out all the free giveaways and have a quick snack for energy. We also got to meet Snoopy and take a picture with him before the race. Then we gathered everyone together for a quick team photo before the countdown started.. and we were off! It was a great race through the park with lots of people cheering and encouraging you along the way.

The run/walk was put on by the California Transplant Donor Network and all the funds that were raised will go towards helping patients who need organ donations to extend their life. A lot of families who were at the event were walking and running in memory of their loved ones who either received a transplant or donated one. It was so inspiring to see everyone there who's lives were touched because of the donor program.

We ran because we wanted to pay tribute to the cause and the donor who gave up an organ for Brett's father a few years ago.

Below are a few pictures I took from the morning.

I also took some video of the race, watch the video here or visit feel free to visit my YouTube page:

 X x

Editors Note: All photo's and video were taken with a GoPro HERO3 Black Edition.

Sunday, September 22

Heather & Ryan 2013

One of Brett's childhood friends got married at the Carmel Mission on September 7th 2013.
It was such a special day and amazing weekend. We arrived down to the hotel in Carmel early Friday afternoon. Since Brett was a groomsmen, there was a rehearsal in the church that afternoon. After that was finished, a bus took the group to an amazing little "beach house" that was part of the Monterey Peninsula Country Club for the rehearsal dinner. The sun was just setting as we arrived and there were no clouds to be seen as we looked out over the ocean. It was the perfect intimate setting to celebrate into the evening and spend some time together before the wedding.

We woke up on Saturday morning and had a wonderful champagne breakfast in the hotel with a waffle and omlette bar where you could make your own breakfast. Brett went early with the other groomsmen to get ready together and make their way to the church. Nicole's boyfriend was also a groomsmen, so we made hair appointments ahead of time and went together and had our hair done. After that, I just slipped my dress on and we made out way down to the church.
The wedding ceremony took place in the Carmel Mission at 3pm. It was a picture perfect location and the ceremony was absolutely beautiful. After Heather & Ryan said their "I Do's" it was time to celebrate!
The reception was held on a golf course in Monterey and was absolutely perfect. As we ate our dinner, the sun set behind the mountains and we danced late into the evening. The cake was cut, the bouquet was tossed as the champagne continued to flow. Eventually it was time to say goodbye, we all stood in two lines and held sparklers as Heather & Ryan ran through our tunnel of light and love and drove off into the night. It was such a magical night as I am reliving it through these pictures in this post to share with you.

Congratulations Heather & Ryan! I was so honored to be able to be a part of your wedding & throughout the weekend. I wish you all the happiness in the world and I can't wait to see you after you get back from your honey moon.

X x