Wednesday, July 24

a quarter life crisis birthday present to myself

I am about to have my quarter life crisis {on Friday, ahhh!} I decided I wanted to get myself something big. What to get, what to get I kept thinking. Nothing came to mind, I have a great computer, car, tech toys, etc.

Here's how the story of my quarter-life-crisis-birthday-present-to-myself went down.

REI has a "garage sale" twice a year, where they sell their products that were returned due to a manufactures error for an extremely low price. Mind you, most of these items have been worn, tried, and used so you get what you pay for. Brett and I just decided to swing by on our way to something else and only planned to be there for a few minutes.

Not long after I got there, I laid my eyes on this beautiful blue bike. I called for Brett as I was walking {jogging} over to this bike. I looked it over, up and down, all around I tell you! It was perfect. The only thing that was wrong was the handle bars were bent. No problem, easy enough to swap. The bike doesn't come with pedals, so it was hard to get a feel for the bike. It seemed a size too big for me, but I loved the bike so much. I was afraid I would never find a deal like this again. We made a lose decision that it was too big for me and that it wouldn't work. As we started to walk away from it, I started to panic and miss this bike already. I told Brett "we can make this work, right? RIGHT?" 

Best impulse buy I have ever made. I am so in love with my new road bike, and since have named her Tiffany.

She was exactly what I was looking for as my "quarter life birthday present to myself." I have not had a bike since I was probably about 12 years old and have been riding my dad's old 1970's bike and a couple of Brett's extras, but it's not the same.

I would highly recommend this bike to any lady out there who is looking for a light, fast, comfortable road bike. The gears shift perfectly, it has a really nice click to it and with my new Easton handlebars, I have numerous comfortable hand positions. Here is the link to REI's website, with more information about this amazing bike.

I have only gone for a couple rides so far with this bike, and I am really looking forward into going the distance with Tiffany.

If love {or maybe hate} your bike, I would love to hear your stories.. leave a comment below!

X x