Thursday, September 6

national yoga month

September is National Yoga Month here in the US. I have been meaning to get back into yoga for quite some time but it always seems to slip away from me. While in college I took yoga as a class and it was a really good experience and gave me a lot of great basics and foundations for my practice. From there I took yoga classes at the gym and bought a couple of pilates dvd's as well to practice at home. Last year I fell in love with bikram yoga but it can be a little expensive between paying for a gym membership as well as paying for the yoga studio that offers bikram. This month however I jumped on the ball and I found a really great deal from Groupon for a local studio that just moved in near my house. I know a lot of studios all over the country are offering a free week pass at their studio for you to try different classes during the month of September. I would highly recommend searching for a studio near you and giving it a try. Bring your girlfriends or maybe even your guy and get ready for a wonderful experience.

I would love to hear if you are planning on trying yoga out or if you are already a yoga master, leave your comments below!

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