Wednesday, August 29

Chania, Khania, or Xania??

Our trip to Crete started off with a little drama. The ferry from Santorini left around 6pm and it said it was going to arrive into the main port of Crete, Herkalio, around 8.30pm. However once we were on the ferry and it was after 8.30pm we began to worry, thinking maybe we got on the wrong ferry? And I mean, we had been on this ferry for a couple hours it's not like there was anything we could do about it. Also, our hotel was a 2 hour drive to the west coast of the island so we knew we were going to have a long journey. We were told there was a bus from the port that would take us into the main town, but the last one left at 9 something. So now this left us with renting a car, which we figured was probably best anyway because of how big of an island Crete was. Anyway we got off the ferry and yes we were in fact exactly where we were supposed to. The only problem was it was now after 10 and there was only one car rental place. We waited in line for awhile and then we were told they did not have any more cars. They tried to call some other places but they were closed as well. We also had already paid for that night in our hotel because we booked through so staying in Herkalio until the morning wasn't exactly an option either. One of the people from the car rental place called a taxi for us, unfortunately though it was going to be about 200 euros, but what choice did we have? After the long taxi ride and a few wrong turns we made it to our hotel around 1am.

It was all completely worth it as soon as we were shown our room. We had one of the two best rooms in the hotel. It was a beautiful huge room, we couldn't believe that this was our room. After all the traveling and shuffling from the rest of our trip, this is how we are ending it - in style. Our room had beautiful closets with lots of space and drawers, a king bed with a desk and tv, then there were sliding doors into the next room with a couch, tv and table. Followed by glass sliding doors onto our OWN private veranda! Complete with two sunbeds, two chairs, an umbrella and table. It had a view right down onto our hotel pool and then right after that was the beach. RIGHT on the beach. Our other places were close, but this was even closer. These words and the couple pictures I have don't even do it justice. It was just a beautiful hotel and we were so lucky to have this room.
Crete is a much bigger island, close to the side of California, if you just flip California on its side. We were of course completely overwhelmed and excited to make the most of our last 4 days. We decided since we paid so much to get to this town, we should just stay around here and do what we can by bus etc. Not to mention who would want to ever leave that fabulous room?! Crete is much more developed and there were almost all cars on the roads, a few vespa's and motorbike but since everything is so much further away a car is necessary. There were also some great shops and things to do on the street where our hotel was. We did go into the town of Chania where we were staying {we saw Chania, Khania and Xania on different road signs and maps, so confusing!} We spent some lazy days by the beach, rented kayaks and paddled over to this island for a couple hours, walked through town and shopped and enjoyed some really amazing food from our hotel.

One thing I really wanted to do while I was here was try the para-sailing, or para-flight. That has been on a to-do list of mine for quite some time. {also called my 30 before 30 - coming soon!} Brett and I made an appointment and booked us up for a time. It was really getting my nerves going watching the people before us go & I was wondering if I could actually go through with it. Next thing you know the boat is coming back and it's our turn. They strap you up and give you a couple directions as you watch the rope that is attached to you unwind and fall into the water. As soon as the rope runs out you run to the edge of the mat and quicker than the blink of an eye you are up in the air! It was such an incredible feeling, we were really high up and the wind was blowing pretty hard. The boat doesn't take you too far as you are only in the air for about 10 minutes. The landing was probably the worst part, they bring you down by stopping the boat and then when you hit the water the boat moves again and drags you along the water almost like bare-foot skiing. Except there is a huge parachute that is behind you. Then the boat comes around for you and brings you back to the dock. It was a really great experience and there is no way I could have done it without Brett behind me to support me. I think I would probably give it another go, sometime.. in the future.  :]

Anyway, I will leave you with the remainder of these pictures for you to enjoy. All in all I had a wonderful vacation, I wouldn't have wanted to change much but of course there were things I could only know once I got there. I think the Greek Islands were a wonderful place for a summer vacation or holiday and maybe some day I will be back again.

X x