Monday, July 23

crossing things off the list

Is it really July 23rd already?! Where has the summer gone?? Well unfortunately I haven't been able to do too many things from my summer 2012 list but I did manage to squeeze in the "garage sale" the other weekend because Brett's family was having one, so my parents & I brought some things over and got rid of some stuff - which was great!

This past Saturday night I took Brett to his FIRST ever drive-in-movie.. can you believe it?! There is a great drive-in only about 20 minutes away from our house and it is a really popular place during summer for friends & families to come and watch a movie in the comfort of your very own car. We folded all the seats down and opened up the back door of his suv, put out all the blankets and pillows and brought our own snacks. The movie we watched was Ted - it was just as funny as I was hoping it would be!

Then... drum roll please...... On Sunday Brett & I are jet-setting to the Greek Islands!! That definitely satisfies my exotic vacation, what do you think?? :) I also have some "trashy" novels that I am going to take with me for some light reading on the plane and also on the beach while we are there! Slowly but surly I am working on crossing off my summer to do list.

How are your summer activities going? Share your summer activities in the comments, I would love to hear about them!

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