Thursday, June 28

my bags are packed..... well almost

Later this evening I am flying out with Brett to Indiana for his cousin's wedding this weekend. His mom's side of the family is very big & most of them still live in the state so it is going to be a great weekend! I have already met a few of Brett's aunts and uncles because they have come out to California to visit. I am really looking forward to seeing them again as well as meeting the bride and groom!

Unfortunately with the time difference and everything we won't get into Indiana until about 3am.. so today is going to be a very, very, very long day. Friday we have some time to explore the area, check into our hotel and then we are going to the rehearsal dinner, then Saturday afternoon is the actual wedding. On Sunday we are going to drive to Chicago and spend one night there and explore the city since I have never been there before catching our flight back home on Monday.

Here are a couple pictures of what these past couple days have looked like... starting with lots of scribble in my planner and more to-do lists than I knew what to do with..

It is pretty much going to be a go-go-go type of weekend but I am really excited to skip town and for a couple days & be away from work. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend & I will see you when I return!

X x