Thursday, May 17

hair chalking

I have been wanting to try hair chalking ever since I saw the post about it on Lauren Conrad's  The Beauty Department a couple months ago and I have finally worked up the courage to give it a try!

I have naturally blonde hair and have never died, bleached or done anything like that to my hair. This is really the first thing I have done to it besides the usual shampoo, hair spray, or what have you. I was a little nervous at first but forged ahead. I took a small piece of hair and kind of twisted it up together a little, then just took the chalk and started to almost "brush" it into my hair. I tried out most of the colors since it was my first time and I wanted to see what it would look like.

Unfortunately the pink did not turn out at all. Blue and green was very strong and dominant. The purple was also pretty light & you could hardly see it. I then did end up giving the red a hair and it kind of turned into a pink-ish/red-ish color so I guess that worked out pretty well.

The only problem I seemed to have was that after I took the chalk through the section of my hair, it made it very tangled and almost kind of frizzy, like if you were to tease your hair.. so then when I used to brush to smooth it out, half the chalk came out with it.. that was a little disappointing / frustrating.

After working on this for about 20 minutes, I decided the best way to show off the colors was to put it into a braid to see the different colors come through my hair. Once it was in the braid, in person you cold definitely see it well, although the picture at the bottom doesn't quite show it off.

the chalk

Anyway, this was my first experience with the chalking! It was fun to do and I think I will definitely give it another try. Has anyone else given this a try & had a good or bad experience? Share below in the comments, I would love to hear about your trials and errors. :]

X x