Monday, November 21

one of my daily essentials

Today I thought I would share with you a little something I can't live without. Amongst all the technology devices we have today to keep track of our important  and hectic schedules and as much as I am a huge tech junkie, I simply cannot function without my amazing life planner.  It also happens to be almost the end of the calendar year and I am so excited that I just ordered my new planner, due to arrive next week! This is easily my fourth or fifth planner and I just wanted to share with you how important it is for my daily life.

Erin Condren is the fabulous designer of these expressive, colorful and completely customizable planners! While I use my phone for just about everything, I still need to be able to write down and keep track of my day to day activities. I took some pictures of my current planner to share with you below. As you can see it has a very nice and durable spiral spine to hold everything together. It also has bright colors, bold fonts and inspirational quotes to keep you going throughout the year! I literally want to sit and doodle in my planner all day.  Did I mention that it’s personalized? Ok good! I swear, if I could have my name scrawled across every product I own, I would be so much happier.

She also makes so many other amazing and customizable invitations, teacher lesson plans, personalized note pads { again with my name} gift labels and now one of my favorite additions is her new Sorority Line!

front of my planner
back of my planner
'special dates' page to write in
a typical week
inspirational quotes
last year's model

I would highly recommend this for anyone who loves to customize and organize their planners with stickers and bold colors. With Christmas just around the corner this would make the perfect gift for someone in your family or a friend who needs a little more organization in their life. Check our the 2012 Life Planners today!

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