Friday, October 7

a special anniversary present

This year my parents and Brett and I were lucky enough to all be in Scotland on their wedding anniversary. In the morning my parents went to visit the church they were married in and Brett and I were off doing our own thing. Later in the afternoon though they picked us up and we took a drive down to one of my favorite outskirts, {also not far from where my mom grew up} a little town called Queensferry. It is only a few miles west of Edinburgh and is a town situated on the shore of the Firth of Fourth river that comes in from the North Sea.

The first bridge that you can see that has a red-ish tint to it, is the railway bridge that was built about 100 years ago. Before the rail bridge there were ferries that would take people across the river. Then about 40 or 50 years ago, they built another bridge {which is also pictured below} that was built for cars to take across. It resembles the bridges that you see in the San Fransico Bay today. That bridge however is not weathering as well as the rail bridge and I believe there are new plans to take it down and build another bridge. Today, people have more options than in the past as they can still take the ferry across, take the train, or use their own car to cross on the other bridge.

Anyway, back to their anniversary. We drove down in the afternoon and spent a little time looking at the bridges and trying to decide where to have our dinner. We settled on a place called The Hawes Inn. It is literally right underneath the rail bridge and you can hear and feel the rumble as the trains cross over. That night was also special because it was about a week after the festival ended and every year there is a huge firework show that is set off from the castle. It is accompanied by a live Orchestra set up in the gardens that plays music that correlates to the fireworks. We went down to Princes' street to get the best view and be able to hear the music. It was packed with people but well worth it! 

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