Saturday, October 1

the best ice cream in scotland

One night after dinner, the sky cleared up and it turned into a nice pleasant evening. My cousin and I decided to take Brett down to Musselburgh for the most amazing ice cream you have ever tasted. It is called S. Luca and it has been around for about 100 years. Musselburgh is right on the outskirts of Edinburgh and perfectly located right next to the water.
So we jumped in the car and took a drive down to get this deliciously amazing ice cream. Not only do they have the best ice cream they have all kinds of homemade chocolates and sweets. Once we settled on our ice cream choices we headed down to the beach area, which is known as Portobello and just went for a walk. It stayed light until around 9 o'clock and then we headed back home.

If you want to check out their website, click here. Otherwise, I have posted some pictures from our evening's adventure.

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Anonymous said...

i love the picture of you on the beach! -deya