Wednesday, June 1

people still YoYo?

Hi loves!
I must apologize for my lack of blog posts for quite some time. I'm terrible, I know :[ But you will soon see that I have been quite the busy bee and I have some wonderful blogs with lots of pictures to make up for it!

So.. a couple weeks ago I went up to San Fran for the night to see this comedian, Natasha Leggero. She has been on the Chelsea Lately show on the guest panel and she is absolutely, hilarious. We caught the later show and headed up after work on a Friday. I wish I had some pictures to show you, but they were so strict about phones and cameras. I pulled my phone out for one minute and a security member came straight up to me and told me to "put it away" okay guy, calm down. But just take my word for it and go check her out on youtube. I think my favorite part about the show was how much interaction she had with the audience. She was asking people questions and making fun of them, which made the show more personal and intimate.

So the next morning it was a pretty nice day so we decided to do a little shopping and walking around. We ended up at this park in North Beach and there was a yo-yo convention, thing happening. Yeah, people still play with them apparently. There were people of all ages with these ridiculous yo-yo's doing all these tricks. Rememebr 'walk the dog'? Yeah, that's all I remember too.. So we watched for a little bit, found a candy store and drove home :]

X x