Wednesday, March 9

Day 7 & 8- Double Duty!

Sorry guys! I'm pulling double duty tonight. I completely forgot all about you beautiful folks and neglected Day 7, but not to worry for I am here giving you not one, but TWO super awesome days crammed into one!

Day 7 - a photo of your best friend and a letter to them

I know she has already been featured, but this is my best friend who moved to Ireland when we were thirteen. We used to write letters to each other all the time but as we got older and busier it became much more difficult to write letters. Now we can talk more often through e-mail or facebook but I do miss seeing a letter from her in my mailbox from time to time. But, this picture of her was taken before an event in Ireland and she sent it to me, and this was her note that she wrote and gave to me the day she moved back to Ireland. Isn't her handwriting just gorgeous? Thought so.

Day 8- a photo of something you enjoy doing

Something I enjoy doing, well that doesn't narrow the field down at all. I love to swim and hike and play sports and watch sports {particularly baseball and even more particularly the red sox} Anyways I also love to swim and take photographs, basically the list goes on my friends. So I was trying to think of something a little less cliché... So I went through my iphoto for about twenty minutes and realized something. That I also love to just be silly and act like a little kid every now and then. One day I drove up from LA to Ventura to see one of my best friends and spend the day with him. We ended up stumbling upon this random little game arcade and went inside. We each turned 5 bucks into tokens and was trying to see who could win the most tickets with their 5 bucks. Well for the first time, in like ever, I won the JACKPOT on one of the games and ended up winning over 800 tickets.. So this is the documentation of my winnings! I know it is actually four pictures... but I merged them into one so.. it still counts, right? Right??

X x