Sunday, March 6

Day 5

Day Five - A photo that makes you laugh.

So, I apologize that this picture is just a taaaadddd on the inappropriate side, but when I read this I immediately knew which picture I wanted to post. Every time I look back at this picture, which was taken just at the beginning of my senior year with half of my best friends I always laugh so hard. This is the complete definition of them, of me, and of our friendship. Even though the picture was taken over 4 years ago, they are still my best friends no matter how close or far away we are from each other.

My weekend was pretty relaxing, I saw Bellarmine College Prep. from San Jose taken on Mountian View High School play each other for the CCS finals of boys soccer. It was such an incredible game! It went into over time and then Bellarmine took the championship which is exciting for me because I know some of the boys on the team, and Brett's little brother is the captain. It was an exciting game and even more exciting that I got to watch them win!! Hows was everyone else's weekend?

X x