Friday, March 4

Day 3 - Weekend is here!

Day Three: A photo that makes you happy.
This photo was taken in Ireland in the summer of 2006 with my best friend who I don't even know where she is living right now because she is all over the map. But anytime I see a picture of either her, or my times in Ireland I get extremely happy because I love her and I always have so much fun in Ireland.

Moving onto other subjects, um embarrassing... how come no one told me the day 1 picture and day 2 picture are like, the exact same stance, pose, smile, HAIR! ahh... just with a different background and clothes. Uhg, so sorry for that. I will try not to post anymore standing, hands on hips, hair in poof pics. And if I do... tell me!

Any-hoo.. the weekend is here, horray! I feel like this week went at a snails pace, didn't you?

X x