Wednesday, March 2

Day 1 - ouchie!!

Day one - a photo of you

Today was just your ordinary work day, however the UPS man delivered my first ever BUSINESS card. And I was so excited I grabbed my little individual packet and was trying to rip off the tape, only I had no scissors. Decided to take a pen {as I have done, so many times before} and use it as my tool of choice to rip the tape. Instead, I used so much force it went through the tape and also through my thumb :[ It was a gusher and it was throbbing and I had to stop what I was doing for about ten minutes, awkwardly holding my hand above my head to stop the blood from pouring out. Embarrassing, I know. Just thought I would share :] Happy hump{wednes}day

 X x


Mike said...

Hah thats my Kitchen! Looking good there :)